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    "Next to eating and taking care of my family,

    this group is the best investment that I make."

    -Azul Terronez, Writing Coach for Authors

  • Why You're Here

    Running your own business is challenging. Spending months getting nowhere or burning out sucks. Whether you're an up-and-comer, or already successful, we all get stuck. We all need help.


    That's why this group exists. We hold each other accountable. We support and motivate one another. We call each other out when our thinking is wrong. We clear away the weeds, so we can keep growing. And above all, we don't try to "make it" all alone. We give back so we can grow together.


    "I sold my course to the original target of 20 students. Total sales: $10,500. I feel much better now that I've done the first round of creating and delivering content! I was afraid of these 20 people, like they were the judge and jury of impending doom. As it turns out, they're more like a bunch of cheerleaders.


    I honestly wish this mastermind was what I had when I was first starting out. This was challenging for me, so I really appreciated the support and encouragement along the way!"


    - Jenny O.

  • 5 Reasons to Join Us

    1. Group Coaching and Support

    Surround yourself with ambitious people

    Each month, we do a private 2-hour conference call with our Mastermind group. These intimate and confidential calls allow members to candidly discuss their progress, their problems, and where they're ultimately trying to go. The group provides personalized feedback, and works together to help each other accomplish our most ambitious goals as efficiently as possible.

    2. Quality Time w/ Ambitious People

    Grow faster this year

    If you're not spending time with people who inspire you, how can you expect to become an inspiring person yourself? All of the members in this group have interviewed, background checked, and hand-selected by Charlie. They are intelligent, experienced, and caring. They will help you get to where you want to be.

    3. Private Session with Charlie

    1-on-1 coaching for your business

    Just for joining the mastermind, you'll get a private 1-hour Skype consultation with Charlie Hoehn (normally $1,000). The entire focus of the call is to help you with whatever you most need (marketing, career, wellness, etc.), and to lay out the best steps for you to take. Charlie has worked with more than a dozen bestselling authors, world-class entrepreneurs, investors, and billionaires. He'd be thrilled to coach you, too.

    4. Lifetime Access to the Group

    Stay in touch, now and forever

    Miss our monthly group call? No problem. It will be recorded, transcribed, and emailed to you, so you can listen or read our notes whenever you're ready. You'll also have lifetime access to our private Facebook group.

    5. Change Your Life

    Get un-stuck this month

    Many mastermind members have proclaimed that this group gave them the boost they needed to break through their own ceiling. If you're struggling to break through to the next level, we'll be here to push you up.

  • "This mastermind has been a life changer for me. Before starting out I think I was just floundering around and not sure what it meant to be an entrepreneur. I was making maybe $500 a month with coaching but had no real direction as to what I wanted or what was of value. Now I am making $2300-2500 a month, and I now know what I can do to reach my goal of $10K a month pretty easily.


    I was in another paid mastermind, but the personal connections I have made in this one have been significant and lasting.The other mastermind was more of a course style and I am a relationship person. I didn't feel like the other mastermind was personal enough. I appreciate that Charlie participates in it as well and considers himself a peer. It's an amazing group and I am thrilled to be a part of it."


    - Azul T.

  • The Mastermind

    Meet some of the group's members, past and present.

    Charlie Hoehn

    Author, Speaker

    Azul Terronez

    Writing Coach

    Jenny O'Connor


    Nick Dinardo

    Speaker, Consultant

    Katrina Schenfield

    Entrepreneur, Veteran

    Ovi Negrean

    App Entrepreneur

    Nick Wolny

    Yoga Trainer

    Matt Goldenberg


    Dan Schwartz

    Real Estate Entrepreneur

    Ryan O'Loughlin


    Ajmal Tahir

    Financial Advisor

    Lynn Yang

    Course Creator

  • "Before I joined Charlie's mastermind, I was lost. I was about to publish my first book, I had a new blog, and podcast...but no strategy. I had a "why" in my head, but didn't know how to articulate it, nor who to articulate it to. I was trying to build a business around my passion and experience...but was scared to put it on paper.

    After six months in Charlie's mastermind, I developed great relationships with accomplished entrepreneurs, figured out who my target audience was and how to focus on their pain points, got my first 3 paid workshops and speaking engagements, and found a way to authentically market my book and turn this into a business.


    The quality of the entrepreneurs is amazing, I tripled my business, and was able to maximize the impact of the book I was marketing. Highly recommended, but only if you are ready to be held accountable and participate in your fellow masterminders work!"


    - Nick D​.

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  • "Before I participated in this mastermind, I had no idea how to test business ideas or what to focus on next. I'm in the "business of fitness" niche and felt I had peaked when it came to my salary. I felt stuck with how to create additional freelance income - and also a lack of clarity on what I was actually good at. I also noticed myself working hard, hard, hard to pick up clients, sub classes, and push profit margins. My job was taking over my life.

    After joining the group, I had immediate clarity on how to test and market an idea, structure sales copy, and be compelling in an over-the-phone or in-person sale. I was able to go out, test ideas, fail a bunch, get over it, dust myself off and get back up. I also heard other young entrepreneurs finding success and taking steps forward in niches I would never know a damn thing about otherwise.

    It was also empowering to hear Charlie update us monthly not only on his professional pursuits, but also his life. It encouraged me to take better care of myself and take the time out that is needed to avoid burnout. The "take care of yourself" work is what draws me to Charlie's brand and coaching, and it was validating to hear him share vulnerably and authentically."


    - Nick W​.